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eisenbergandelephants said: SLEEP WITH HIM

woooow i am late in the game to reply to this but yoooo julia your life advice is for me to sleep with every popstar/rockstar and i love it. it’s great life advice. unfortunately, i didn’t even get to meet him :c :c the band didn’t come out after the show :c :c :c 

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look all i wanna do is cry about winter soldier and last night and read apocalypse fic and then sleep for a whole entire week

but i have to go to work and then do a ton of homework i didn’t do because i was road tripping to vegas this weekend

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all for one. and one for all.

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this movie ruined me goodbye


Manchester Orchestra - Don’t Speak (No Doubt cover)

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dan smith touched my hand

dan smith touched my hand

tonight, dan smith touched my hand