how do i tell you
my soul lights up
when i think of you
without it being weird?

5 hours ago on 16 September 2014
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Hung my zines up in my new room today


Hung my zines up in my new room today

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i’ve gotten to this really magical place where i like my own aesthetic a lot ???

like i wear collared shirts under my work t-shirts and i scribble eyeliner on my face and my hair is always messy but i like it. i like my weird hipster instagrams and working at a coffee shop ?

i like myself ????????

10 hours ago on 16 September 2014
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when someone walks in on you taking selfies



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Miles McMillan walks the runway during Afrojack’s performance at Fashion Rocks 2014.

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my hair is sort of a faded neon green but it has some really weird tones in it

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  • nick 2012: it was a nice spinach and feta one - i'd literally never cooked before [...] 30 minute meals, i started it before x factor and we ate like when jonathan ross was on, so it did take a little bit longer. my mate that was there was like 'do you want me to just take you out for dinner? should we just go out for dinner?' i was like 'NO, it's going well!'
  • nick 2014: once when i was trying to woo someone i was like 'what do you want for your tea? i'll make you whatever you want' and they were like 'could i have like a spinach and feta filo pie?' i was like alright.. i had to figure out how to make that, it took about 4 hours.

i’d be an anchor: a series of poems.


you make me feel like the world
is nuanced and brilliant again,
when it’s felt gray to me for so long. 
i want you to know this, 
this and so many things,
like the way it felt to just be near you,
but i can’t get the words out from my chest
where they’ve lodged themselves. 
so i hold my breath and wait,
see if you’ll tell me the words
caught in your chest as well.